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Experience the charm of 51 West. Our stunning ballroom, which can accommodate over 200 guests for dinner, features beautiful crystal chandeliers and lighting, a huge dance floor and elegant woodwork.

Accessory Spaces

There are two foyer entries for the ballroom allowing for more options setting up your event.  Guests can easily be redirected via signage to the correct entry. 

The multi-level grand staircase in the back foyer creates opportunities for fun and unique photos.  

Bridal Dressing Room

It’s all leading up to one beautiful moment and it should start here.

Our Bridal dressing area sets the romantic tone for the day.  Soft colors with plenty of sparkle just like our brides make this a great location for you and your attendants to get ready for the big event.

The dressing area features ample lighting for hair and makeup prep plus windows for natural light photography.

  • Full length mirror

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Separate entrance for you and your vendors.